The Habit

The Habit

The Habit

The Habit

The Habit

The Habit

 (Sandro top, Current Elliott jeanssimilar, Saint Laurent brogues – similar here and here)

From my 3.1 Phillip Lim skirt to this Sandro blouse, I guess my summer wardrobe is looking a lot more floral lately. This top is one that’s been heavily rotated since I picked it up last year, and one of the main things that sealed the deal with it was the mix of the bold print paired with the somewhat more refined crisp collar. A sort of subtle contrast in a way that works. More times than not, I fall back on pairing it untucked with some skinnies and heels, but went for a change up this time by finishing things off with boyfriend jeans and  brogues. The latter of which I’m wearing overtime in an attempt to break them in.

Photos by Sven


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  • Myra Kerigun

    You have the best shoe collection I’ve ever seen! … so crisp, so clean!

    Myra x

    Alluring Style

  • Q

    those shoes!!!….. love!xxx

    • Theresa

      Thanks babe!!! :)

  • findmeamuse

    I love your brogues and the simplicity of the outfit. Such a fresh look

    • Theresa

      Thank you Mandi!! <3

  • Theresa

    Thank you Ola!!

  • Aliya

    Me, too I love those brogues. I’m thinking about getting the Céline ones for Fall. The white collar really does finish that top, I don’t think it would’ve been as interesting without that detail. Great find!

    • Theresa

      You should definitely get them for sure! 😉

  • Bri

    Great look. I’m in love with those brogues :O



    • Theresa

      I am too! 😉 Thank you Bri!!

  • mariah serrano

    this look is sleek summery and gorgeous! you go lady

    • Theresa

      Thank you so much Mariah!!!

  • chocolatecookiesandcandies

    I’m always curious to see what edgy and inspiring outfits you come up with next. I like what you did with the floral top without making it look overly feminine (that’s the tomboy in me speaking!).

    • Theresa

      Marlene you are too kind. Thank you!!

  • Charlie

    Ahh I love Sandro, this top is perfect!

    • Theresa

      Thank you Charlie!! :)

  • Mica

    That shirt is beautiful, such a lovely print :)

    Away From Blue

    • Theresa

      Thank you Mica!

  • Logomania

    You look beautiful as always. Such a nice outfit and especially loving the jeans and shoes. These pictures really look like an editorial! xoxo

    • Theresa

      Thank you so much Kayin! I hope you’re well! xx

  • Alexandra

    Theresa, I love this outfit, head to toe!! And the green doorway is the perfect backdrop for it. :) Those shoes are amazing! I bet you’ll wear them constantly!

    • Theresa

      Yes, I’ve been wearing them a ton haha! Thank you so much Ali!!! <3<3

  • Jackie

    You are working those jeans, love it! And I love your printed top, it’s so versatile. Beautiful outfit!
    xo, Jackie

    • Theresa

      Thank you so much Jackie!!

  • azrakun
    • Theresa

      Thank u!! x

  • Lady Indo

    Gorgeous <3 I think your shoes makes the outfit ^_^

    • Theresa

      Thanks babe! :o)

  • Joyce

    You look great! I love to see you smiling on pictures! And the top…just perfect!

    With love,


    • Theresa

      Thank you so much Joy! Hope you’re well babe! xo

  • Piera Anastasia Ramella Pezza

    Great look!!!
    I love your YSL shoes!! :-)

    Have a lovely day


    Piera Anastasia

    • Theresa

      Thank you Piera! Hope you had a great day too! x

  • Lillian Chaton

    I love the floral top and the jeans! Perfect combination! You look stunning!!

    • Theresa

      You’re so sweet. Thanks Lillian! x

  • Christel

    Love your outfit! Great shoes :-)

    • Theresa

      Thank you Christel! :)

  • Carol

    oooooooooooooooooooooooh darling nailed with those jeans !!! my heart is yours :))


    • Theresa

      Haha thanks babe! <3

  • Fashion Landscape

    I love the top! The print is very pretty and it’s not a coincidence that I wanted to get those Current Elliot boyfriend jeans! Just love them, they have the perfect cut and slouchiness and look awesome on you! X

    • Theresa

      You should totally get them Laura! 😉 Thanks sweetie!