Isabel Marant Astia

Isabel Marant Astia

Isabel Marant Astia

Isabel Marant Astia

(Improvd jacket, Isabel Marant Astia top, Siwy jeans, Isabel Marant Bazil sneakers)

We went to Düsseldorf to visit a friend and stayed and played near the media harbor district which is a nice area with a great vibe and cool architecture like this office building designed by Frank Gehry.  It wasn’t the hottest of days, so this top totally came in handy. It’s short sleeved, but the sweatshirt material is surprisingly warm or at least warm enough to do the trick. Being that it’s kinda bold, I downplayed the rest of the outfit with nothing but basic black. We did a ton of walking that day checking out the city, so I’m glad I had on my Bazils which are so incredibly comfy and don’t kill my feet after hours of pounding the pavement.

Photos by Sven

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  • Laura
  • harper matiko

    I LOVE those sneaks.

  • Pritta



  • LovelyByLucy

    Love the crazy top with all black, you rock!

  • lafemmealamode

    OMG, just wanted to praise the great scenery when I realised it was in Germany :) Now I’ve no doubts about your fiance beeing German! :) Love your look, but that’s probably quite obvious 😉 Wishing you a lovely Sunday! :)

  • Kaling

    Love this entire outfit! 


  • Tales of Powder Pink

    Great look Theresa. I love that top. Glad to hear that the Bazils are comfy…:)


  • Phuong

    love the top!
    Travel in Style

  • Debbie

    Amazing outfit, I really like the top :) 


  • Liesbeth (candyandtreats)

    You look amazing! I love the IM tops with sweatshirt material and this one is no exception. I want to visit Düsseldorf too someday, so many German cities to discover left… I was only in Düsseldorf to take a plane so no sightseeing for me :(


  • colleen

    i love that top & your sneakers! isabel marant can do no wrong, it seems
    Gehry’s buildings are so amazing! my favorite of his is the walt disney concert hall in downtown la…so gorgeous!

    xo,a coy perspective

  • Virginie

    How great! did you like Düsseldorf? Your top looks interesting, i’m curious about the material. I love how you wear it! 

    Virginie / Style Reload

    • Theresa

      Düsseldorf was great! Thanks for asking sweetie! The material is similar to that of a sweatshirt. :) Thanks babe! xx

  • Lucy of Daily Disguise

    hii!! lovely blog :) following you now. if you could follow me too on gfc, i would greatly appreciate it. i think you’ll like some of my outfits :) 

  • Gigi

    Your outfit is so cool. I adore this top!


  • Mica

    That top is stunning! I really like how the print and colour pops against the black outfit :) You look amazing as always.

  • Morganvsmorgan

    I love that you went with a strong pair of sneakers for this outfit. Makes me think I need to flesh out my flat-shoes collection. 

  • Borjana Jelic

    WOW!You look fierce,as always babe!Looove the pop of print!

  • Theresa

    Thank you all so much for your comments! Always appreciate them! XO

  • Findmeamuse

    I really love this outfit and how you paired the complex top with black.  It really makes the top the centre piece and it is well worth being the focus.  I’m loving the detailing

    xx Mandi


    Your top rocks, and so do you! 😉


  • the marant philes

    Love this sporty look, did you dye your hair? It’s look darker…good though. :)
    – Aliya

    • Theresa

      Good eyes babe! Yup, before I left on my vacay! 😉

  • Tina

    Oh love it babe!!! And those shoes….

  • Turn it inside out
  • Sophia Schwan

    Yes yes yes!!! The top! Love this look, so freaking cool! Really amazing with those droolworthy boots. Sigh. <3

  • Thefashionmoodboard

    Love your look and beautiful pictures! <3


  • Polder Glamour

    I love how you combined these items together. Well done! And you are very charismatic. X

  • Laura

    I studied architecture, so as soon as I saw the background I knew it was Gehry and Düsseldorf. Hope next time you come back to Germany you come to Bavaria, I’d be pleased to meet you for sure.

    I love, love the whole outfit, your IM sneakers and top, the pop of color, you look amazing as always x

    • Theresa

      So cool Laura! Yeah I really loved the buildings he designed in that area. I’d absolutely love to meet you next time I’m in Germany! Thank u for the sweet compliment!

  • Azrakun

    The jacket is just perfect…

  • Logomania

    You look amazing and love how you paired that cool top with an all black ensemble! You must have made some people in Düsseldorf turn their heads when you were passing by in this gorgeous outfit! 😉 xx Kayin

  • chocolatecookiesandcandies

    I love how you tone down the striking top with skinny jeans and Bazil sneakers. I would’ve never thought of trying on the Astia until I saw you in it. I guess that’s the general rule when it comes to IM. You never think you want it until TPFers wear the clothes.