Elle DE

I was immediately drawn to this editorial featuring Ilva Hetmann for Elle Germany. I love how the mix of textures and tones of her wardrobe seamlessly intertwine with the natural surroundings. From the vibrant and pulsating colors, to the softer palette, it’s all just so incredibly lovely.

Photos by Sam Bisso – Elle Germany June 2012

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  • Lauren

    Wow, the colours are insane. I love her hair with the red clay. Genius. 

  • Miss Margaret Cruzemark

    Amazing post.
    Your blog is great. I totally love it!!!

    Best Regards

    Miss Margaret

    • Theresa

       Thank you!! :))

  • LovelyByLucy

    Sorry babe, totally behind on my blog reading. But thanks for sharing this editorial, SO good. Makes me wish I was a ginger haha, but seriously. Love that 3rd look! Hope you had a great weekend love <3 XO

    • Theresa

      You’re such a sweetie Lucy! No worries babe 😉 I hope you had a great weekend as well sweetheart! xx

  • Phuong

    wow amazing photos
    Travel in Style

  • Raspberry Blonde

    these pictures are amazing! love the earthy tones and how it contrasts with her skin and hair

  • Virginie

    Wow, she’s really stunning. Love the last look <3

    Virginie/Style Reload

  • Sistersandsisters
  • Mica

    Stunning editorial – beautiful photos :)

  • Findmeamuse

    It’s beyond words how fabulous this editorial is

    ~ Mandi

  • the marant philes

    It’s also smoldering, her hair color is intense, and I love how it blends with the background…
    – Aliya :)

  • Tina

    Such colors…Breathtaking photos. You are right.. Your eye dear is never mistaken 😉

  • Thechicsheet,net

    Wow… Stunning pics!


  • leather & porridge

    Yeah this is pretty hot… “the mix of textures and tones of her wardrobe seamlessly intertwine with the natural surroundings” .. well said!! 

  • chocolatecookiesandcandies

    Theses are breathtaking photos. I love the silhouette of the dresses. Drapey and easy to wear pieces that I can relate to. I wish magazines feature more of these type of clothes.

  • Logomania

    Wow! Amazing editorial! Love every single photo! Have a great day Theresa! :) xx Kayin

    • Theresa

       Hope you’ll have one as well sweetie! xx