The Habit

The Habit

The Habit

The Habit

The Habit

The Habit

(Equipment blouse – similar, Siwy jeans – similar, Saint Laurent boots – also here, Club Monaco bag)

This top will always and forever remind me of these really cool snake print LA Gear tennis shoes that I had in high school. The color and pattern is spot on. I liked that pair so freaking much, and if I’d kept them, I may have started sporting them again. Although I’ve graduated from those old tennies, I think it’s cool that years later, I’m also wearing a print all too reminiscent of my wardrobe’s past. I guess in a way, some certain elements in fashion just  stand the test of time. And besides the fact that I take a little trip down memory lane whenever wearing this blouse, it’s one of those pieces that always comes in handy for times when I don’t feel like putting any thought into what I want to wear but still kinda want to look like I do.

Photos by Sven

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  • Costume De Rigueur

    Now that’s a serious street style outfit…with the perfect skinnies and the right Equipment shirt…


  • Ann

    I love the print on that shirt! Great pieces :)

  • Konstantina Tzortzi

    great way to wear the snake print shirt!! <3

  • Olivia Kim

    Loving this look on you girl!


  • vienna wedekind

    fabulous, easy outfit! and the background is just wonderful!


  • Elodie Laetitia

    Look who’s talking! You’re absolutely gorgeous, and I love the way you dress. I see we share the same passion for 3.1 Phillip Lim 😉

    • Theresa

      You are too sweet. Thank you so much Elodie! And yes, we definitely do. Totally love his stuff! :)

  • Céline

    This equipment blouse is such a key piece to have. You style is so effortlessly cool, I really like it :-) You’re really pretty too !! x


    • Theresa

      Thank you so much Céline!! :)

  • nowhine

    recently i bought pants and sneakers that looked exacty like pants and sneakers i already had in mid ´90´s… hope that´s a good sign 😉

    you look like a supermodel (but you always do) and your hair looks so good, love the curls!

    kisses from cologne 😉

    • Theresa

      I think it’s a good sign for sure! Thank you so much Doro! :)

      kisses back from LA! :)

  • Render Sublime

    Your photos are just incredible! You’re very talentd :) And I love your outfit by the way, that shirt is just so chic xxxx

    • Theresa

      Thanks so much! :)

  • fortyovertwenty

    T you look gorgeous! That shirt is beautiful…The close up shot is fantastic! That shirt will still work 10, 20 or 30 years from now.

    • Theresa

      Thank you babe! Yeah, it totally will! :)

  • Mica

    That printed shirt is so lovely! I really like it with the jeans :) So nice that ir reminds you of your old shoes too :)

    Away From Blue

    • Theresa

      Thank you sweetie! xx

  • tina astra

    Equipment = eterna love!

    • Theresa

      For me too! :)

  • Ola

    Beautiful photos !
    Love the snake print & the boots :)

    • Theresa

      Thank you Ola! x

  • Theresa

    You’re too sweet! Thanks hun!!

  • Aliya

    I love that close up shot of your blouse, the snake print is pretty spot on. You really scored with those boots, they’re just the right touch of rock n’ roll w/o that sounding cheesy, but you know what I mean right?

    • Theresa

      Yup, I totally know what you mean! Thanks Aliya!

  • Theresa

    Thank you sweetie! I hope you’re feeling better! xo

  • Marlene

    LA Gear!! Man, I haven’t heard those words in ages. I remember how much I wanted a pair. You’ve got to stop wearing those Saint Laurent boots. The more I see them, the more I want ’em. You look like a model – like you always do!

    • Theresa

      I have to enable you on getting the boots. I can’t take them off! Thank you so much Marlene! :)

  • Fashion Landscape

    hahaha I had LA Gears as well(feels like aaaaaaaages ago)! You look effortless as always! The top is gorgeous and so are those booties, plus those jeans look hot on you! Your pictures are always so breathtakingly beautiful and flawless as your outfits are! Hugs to you, Theresa :) x

    • Fashion Landscape

      P,S. I love how you did your hair on these pics! 😉

      • Theresa

        Thank you Laura!! Sending tons of hugs back to you sweetie!

  • Alexandra

    What lovely pictures! The light is gorgeous, and that blouse looks fabulous on you! It’s fun that it reminds you of a find from ages ago too. I love when that happens– when you’re reminded that some things you’ll always be drawn to, even as times change. Gorgeous, Theresa!!

    • Theresa

      Thank you so much Ali! Yeah, sometimes our taste just kinda stays the same. :)

  • Carol

    perfect blouse in snake print dear !!! :)


    • Theresa

      Thank you Carol! :)