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The Chanel Boy bag has been on my want list ever since it first came out. So you can imagine how incredibly psyched I am about finally getting my hands on one. If I had any expectations about this bag, they’ve totally been exceeded. And get ready to see me wearing it with like everything because I seriously haven’t been carrying much else since I brought this baby home. Love it.



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  • Claudia

    Love your bags its definitely on my list – and suits you to a tee.

  • Aliya

    Congrats lady, it’s so good and I can see why it’ll replace everything else!

  • Charlie

    Beyond jealous! It will be miine one day

  • The Office Armoire

    I’m jealous! Ugh, such an amazing bag!

  • Logomania

    OMG! I just died! That bag is perfect, congrats with this beautiful bag T! Can’t wait to see you carry it! xoxo

  • Lisa

    Ahh such a beautiful bag, just perfect.

  • Mica

    That bag is beautiful! Congrats on getting one after wanting for so long! :)

    Looking forward to seeing how you wear it – it really is the kind of bag that would go with everything!

    Away From The Blue

  • Jackie

    Oh wow, what a beautiful investment piece! Gorgeous piece! I look forward to seeing you wear it :)
    xo, Jackie

  • azrakun

    well, you pretty much don’t need anything else. this is much the best bag ever. Absolutely beautiful.. I can’t wait to see pictures of you wearing it.. Truly amazing bag…

  • Fashion Landscape

    I think this is one hell of a great investment piece, it’s already a classic! I think it is the most beautiful bag ever, seriously! So happy you got it and can’t wait to see you wearing it. :) x

  • Marta

    I can only imagine how much you love this boy… It is fantastic, you enjoy it dear ! xx

  • Q

    Congrats babe!…… beautiful piece! investment you will ever make. timeless and will hold its price.xx