Purple & gold


Boulee blouse

Boulee blouse

Boulee blouse

Boulee blouse

 (Boulee blouse, MiH jeans, Zara pumps)

Whenever I feel like wearing some sort of blouse, I without a doubt reach for this one. It’s just one of those pieces in my closet that I’ve had forever and a day, but seriously never get tired of wearing. It has these really cool batwing sleeves which is a look that I’ve always really liked, and the deep purple accented with hints of gold is a color combo that I totally just love.

Photos by Sven

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  • http://soniadeli.com/ sonia

    Looking great! I think it’s the first time I see you wearing this colour (and this style of clothes) and it looks absolutely great on you. This shade of purple is beautiful and the style of the blouse is forever classic, isn’t it?
    Those jeans fit you like a glove, by the way…

  • http://www.riamichelle.com Ria Michelle

    This is a great look, so sleek and I love the color purple.

  • http://twitter.com/stylecrusader Jennifer Inglis

    Love the shape of your shirt and the colour is gorgeous! xx

  • thechicsheet.net

    You look gorge in purple :)


  • sofia

    gorgeous! the color is so beautiful on you

  • thefashionandgeek

    Oh you’re so gorgeous!
    You’re so beautiful and I love your pant!
    Kiss from France, http://www.thefashionandgeek.com

    • http://www.the-habit.com/ Theresa

      Thanks so much sweetie! xx

  • http://twitter.com/SFFTE Debbie Nuchelmans

    Gorgeous! You look amazing in purple and those trousers look like they’re made for you :)


    • http://www.the-habit.com/ Theresa

      Thanks babe! xx

  • http://margaretcruzemark.blogspot.in/ Margaret Cruzemark

    Amazing post. Your blog
    is great. I totally love it!!!

    It would be great if we
    could follow each other.

    Best Regards

    Miss Margaret Cruzemark


  • Meekay

    Purple is my favourite colour and I really like the style of this blouse!


  • Denisa

    Wow.. You look soo nice. I like the purple.

  • LovelyByLucy

    I love this, so chic! Purple looks amazing on you, good thing you’re wearing it again! Looking stunning babe, xo

  • http://twitter.com/cookiesncandies Marlene

    My goodness, T, your loooooong, loooooong legs!! Purple is really flattering on you. This is a different look from the usual rocker chic style but it looks just as fabulous.

  • floortjevancooten

    I really like your blog dear :)
    Keep up with the great work!!


    • http://www.the-habit.com/ Theresa

      Thanks so much! :)

  • Iliyana Licheva

    amazing color of the blouse!!!


  • Tina

    Babe I love it! It looks so elegant and chic! You are simply amazing!

  • Virginie

    I might see you wearing such a very chic & classy outfit like this one! Love it. It’s a really successful combo, the blouse is stunning on you!

    Virginie/ Style Reloadhttp://www.virginiepeny.com

  • Alexandra

    I love, love this look on you!! That purple is so rich. And your smile is gorgeous!

  • Marsha

    Stunning blouse, definitely suits you x


  • http://twitter.com/PrsnlUnfrm Sophia Schwan

    You always manage to pull off things that I definitely can’t. You have such an amazing figure!!! This is such a chic outfit, you really look amazing. <3

  • Maria Marta Gomez

    Beautiful and stunning as always! xo Mari

  • http://awayfromtheblue.blogspot.com/ Mica

    Beautiful blouse! I love the colour, it’s stunning :)


  • Daisy Roadster and Coco

    It’s so unusual to see you in bright colours and this one suits you so well : And this neckline… You’re hot today !

  • http://www.the-habit.com/ Theresa

    Thank you all so much for your super sweet comments! <3

  • Teresa

    I love rich purples! This color suits you so well. A great outfit for a night on the town!


  • http://marantphiles.com/ the marant philes

    Yeah it has a great silhouette, and the purple shade looks great on you!
    – Aliya :)

  • http://fashion-fools.blogspot.com/ Fashion Fools

    Beautiful blouse! Purple things are attracting my attention lately. I’m making a purple scarf at the moment:-)!

  • http://fortyovertwenty.blogspot.com/ fortyovertwenty

    Stunning! You look fantastic and that blouse is beautiful!

  • http://turn-it-insideout.blogspot.com/ Turn it inside out
  • Vision on Fashion

    Lovely outfit and your smile is beautiful. Have a great evening! X Cristel

  • http://twitter.com/blueisinfashion Erica B.

    You’re so chic Theresa!!

  • http://twitter.com/ytravillian leather & porridge

    This is a very lovely look on you!

  • http://twitter.com/beeswonderland Borjana Jelic

    I can’t take my eyes off of your legs;-)

  • lafemmealamode

    What an amazing outfit! Such a great combo! You definitely rock these pants and the colour suits you so well! Gorgeous! xxx Kathrina

  • http://www.logomania.nl/ Logomania

    You look absolutely stunning in these pictures! And that blouse is just beautiful. It looks great with those pants. So stylish and classic! Oh and you have like the most beautiful smile as well sweetie! xoxo

  • Kate


  • Laura

    That blouse is amazing! And the colour suits you so well. Love how you paired it with flared jeans. You look beautiful :)
    Paint me in the landscape