Acne Velocite

This jacket is completely still on my mind since I tried it on months back when I was in Germany. I’m all about the oversized shape plus the leather and shearling mix which makes for such an incredibly hip combo. I really see it as one of those pieces that you’d totally have and wear forever. Also lovin’ it in the rich burgundy and cool khaki which fellow blogger Sophia styled so awesomely here. Yeah, my ideal winter jacket totally comes in the form of the Acne Velocite. Major lust.

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  • sonia

    I saw this jacket recently – truly amazing. Don’t want to be an ‘enabler’ :) but I think it’d look great on you. It’s your style… xx

  • Mandi L

    Oh… gorgeous! I’ve got a major crush on the jacket! I hope you manage to get one for yourself.

    xx Mandi

  • Jennifer Inglis

    This jacket is absolute perfection! xx

  • mirte

    Whaaa I lovee this jacket! amazing!

  • Jessie

    I’m about to head into a freezing European winter and this jacket has been on my mind. So deliciously good.

    • Theresa

      It totally is Jessie, and it would definitely keep you warm. ;))

  • marsha

    This jacket is a MAJOR lust worthy piece! Love the burgundy colour, so this season x

  • the marant philes

    Are you going to get it? – Aliya :)

    • Theresa

      Still thinking about the IM David coat too! ;))

  • Sophia Schwan

    Aww lol Theresa. Save up and get one, seriously, you’ll never need another shearling jacket in your life! If you’re interested, I have one more from Acne from last year’s collection (not oversized though but it would be on you) in grey that I was thinking of selling, it’s a lot less expensive. I had to save up ages for my khaki one. Let me know, maybe that would be more what you want to spend :) <3

    • Theresa

      Hehe I’m just pretty indecisive at times and there are also some other killer coats ingrained in my mind right now that I’m debating between! :) By the time I decide, this one is going to be all sold out haha.U know how that goes! Thanks for letting me know about your Acne though babe! You’re such a sweetie! xo

  • LovelyByLucy

    That is one hellll of a perfect coat. I think you should totally get it. Totally.

  • Marlene

    I can imagine how comfortable this will be over the winter months. I love snuggling into my oversized coats.

  • Daisy Roadster and Coco

    I can totally imagine you in a burgundy jacket (brown is too common ?). That would be a warm eyecatcher for the winter !!

  • Laura Dittrich

    What is it about Acne jackets that makes them so perfect, better than others? Totally love this one, Theresa! I am in love with the black all leather jacket and I am seriously thinking of investing in one eventuall, since it is really an investment for all your life. I just love the shape and materials in Acne jackets x
    Paint me in the landscape

  • Mica

    Beautiful jacket! Looks so warm too :)

  • Charlotte

    Gorgeous!!! So perfect for Fall weather. I love the hardware detailing and it looks like it would be THE coziest thing to wear!

  • Jamie

    I adore this jacket – the real thing is a little too far out of my reach but a while back ASOS did a similar version so I made sure to snap that up

  • fortyovertwenty

    Oh T that jacket is amazing!! It really is a piece you would wear and keep forever…and of course you would love fab in it!!

    • Theresa

      Thanks babe! :o) xxT

  • Turn it inside out

    It’s awesome! you should buy it!!

  • Logomania

    Oh that jacket is pure perfection! I’m sure it looks fantastic on you and I agree that it will be a piece you will love and wear for many years to come! I think I saw this one on NAP. So it’s only a few clicks away, not trying to enable you! 😉 xoxo Kayin

    • Theresa

      Thanks sweetheart, and I’m a total enabler too! 😉 xoT

  • Alexandra

    Gorgeous!! I think you need it. It looks so snuggly (and hip).