The Habit

The Habit

The Habit

The Habit

The Habit

(3.1 Phillip Lim top, Habitual jeans, Céline pumps)

So, the little hiatus in posts was due to the crazy flu which had me totally bed bound. It absolutely sucked. Happy to say, I’m finally over it and back in action in black, white, and a dose of denim. Love that this blouse has a pretty classic silhouette that’s amped up by the cool two-tone color play. And of course, my love for all things Lim only intensified after seeing how he nailed it once again for his FW13 collection. Incredible.

Photos by Sven

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  • Noenne

    So love this top – if you are ever even consider selling it, please contact me

    • Theresa

      Hi Noenne, thanks for your compliment! You should check out Yoox. Sometimes certain sold out items reappear there. :)

  • LovelyByLucy

    Ahh the shoes look perfect on you! Love them with that shirt and your super skinny legs <3

  • Jessie

    White pumps all day everyday. Can’t get enough of these shoes!

  • fortyovertwenty

    T so glad that you are feeling better! That flu is terrible! I love this outfit and I would kill for those pumps!

  • WOLF359

    That top is beautiful!

  • Chantal Colombara

    lovely pics!

  • Tina

    lo lo lovely!!! Love the shoes (obviously) love the color block shirt!!!

    Good to have you back!

  • Laura

    You look gorgeous, what a beautiful top!

  • Mica

    Glad you’re over the flu and feeling better! Love this simple look on you, you look stunning. That shirt is beautiful :)

  • Borjana Radovic

    I absolutely loooove every piece of this,hun!

  • melolimparfaite

    wow amazing top love it !

  • Logomania

    Happy to hear you’re feeling better now! Lots of people are also suffering from the flu over here. As usual, you look beautiful! Love the shirt and those heels are to die for! Have a great week! xo Kayin

    • Theresa

      Thank you Kayin! Hope you’re well and have a great week too hon! xx

  • Alexandra

    Theresa, you look gorgeous! Those shoes are TO DIE FOR!! And I always love you in black and white. I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better. I’ve been sick for a week, and I’m so over it!!

    • Theresa

      Thank you so much Ali! I really hope you feel better soon!!

      • Alexandra

        Thanks so much, Theresa! Me too! :)

  • Aliya

    Love this look T, and I’m glad you’re feeling better. There’s been a super flu going around, and it does suck (had it in November). I’m totally lusting after Lim’s new sandals for Spring! – Aliya :)

    • Theresa

      Yeah, tons of people I know have been getting it too. Thanks Aliya! I know, his spring shoes are so good too! :)

  • Marlene

    Good to see you’re up and about again. I can just imagine what you’d gone through. A flu is no fun at all. I always love how you put the simplest yet the most chic outfits together.

    • Theresa

      Thank you Marlene! :)

  • Rowan

    Love this clean look! And babe, I want your legs!!!!



    Ps: I started a running blog with my best friend.

    • Theresa

      You’re too cute! Thanks Rowan! xx

  • carol

    you look incredible honey :)


    • Theresa

      Thank you Carol! :)

  • Fashion Landscape

    I am totally and completely drooling all over this outfit. The top is amazing and those heels? Don’t get me even started. Those are my dream shoes for this season. Lately I am obsessing over Céline and all things Phillip Lim as well. You look amazing as always! x

    • Theresa

      Thank you so much babe! :)